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This week’s submissions for #FFaboutme were interesting and varied, representing different careers, cultures, and continents,

Some of the submissions show off informative & concise bios,  display creative work & interesting passions. What they all have in common is a beautiful image and a thoughtful bio design.

bariscancamlidere on about.me

danny figueroa on about.me

These pages will be all featured in the directory, and get a Twitter shout-out.





Samara, a music educator from South Australia, has a beautiful background photo. Samara’s use of text color complements the photo perfectly without overpowering the background image.

James Landon Johnson displays another great example of text color on his page. A black and white background photo allows James to choose a more vivid font color without adding competing visual elements to his page.



http://about.me/Louise.Morris http://about.me/mizuumi

http://about.me/ericbooth Only on rare occasions do we suggest using a screenshot as you page background. However, for Eric Booth a screenshot of his digital editing suite shows off his passion for…

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