Happy Halloween!

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Have a fun and spooky Halloween! Often described as “the best day ever” by children, Halloween is a time for outrageous costumes, treats, and revelry. It’s also a fantastic time to shine a spotlight make-up & visual effects artists!

These talented people help put the thrill in your favorite films, stage performance, or Halloween festivity.  Like Presley Foskett (top image) make-up and FX pros turn a performer into an amazing character, and fantasy into reality. Check out the creepy examples of talented artists below:


samanthadelduca on about.me

danispinks on about.me

francesgalligan on about.me

Everyone here at about.me is getting in the spirit as well. Take a look at this awesome Halloween Collection from our CTO Andy!

Halloween Collection by Andy Hao

Have a great Halloween-themed about.me page or collection? Tweet us @aboutdotme or let us know in the comments! We’ll be sharing spooky and fun pages all day.





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